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Our Brands

COPIMARK is a TURKEY based ink distributor and established in 2021 to provide local and foreign distribution of industrial ink and labeling products with a vision of providing services that has the highest quality standards based on parallel progress with day-to-day developing technology.

COPIMARK provides wide range of products with the understanding of a firm that prioritizes customer needs and attaches importance to tech developments.

You can view all wide range of products from industrial ink to printing equipment and get more information from COPIMARK website.


FDA and USDA approved

All of our products are FDA compliant and USDA certified.

High Quality

Cost-effective Quality

We provide large spectrum of specialty inks with High Quality and Assuarence.

Customer Satisfaction

Valuable Relationships

We maintain open communications and treat customers with respect.



COPIMARK provides wide range of high quality products;
CIJ inks, TIJ inks, DOD inks, High Resolution, Food Grade Inks, Contact Coding Ink, Election Stains, Paint Markers, Spray Paints and many other marking and coding products.

Mavio was founded in 2019 with the principle of providing a fast, easy, effective and safe shopping experience in the context of a strong e-commerce understanding.

Mavio has adopted a company philosophy that closely follows innovations, attaches importance to development and change with new dynamics brought about by development, produces the best solutions for customer feedback and needings, and focuses on customer experience with its young and dynamic team in this context.

Mavio aims to offer a new shopping experience with safety and ease, always follows a happy staff and customer-oriented approach.

Customer Base

B2B & B2C

Mavio provides B2B & B2C service systems that are integrated with international well-known platforms.


Safe and Easy Shopping

Mavio aims to provide fast, easy, effective and safe shopping experience.


Customer-oriented Approach

Mavio produces the best solutions for customer feedback and needings.



Mavio brings you hundreds of products in dozens of categories, suitable for every taste and budget, from electronics to clothing, shoes to jewelry, by maximizing the different, safe and privileged user experience with its innovative infrastructure possibilities!



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